Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jacket & top - Forever 21, Shorts - Topshop, Belt - charity shop, shoes - Chockers 

I've wanted a little kimono type jacket for a while and there's plenty of beautiful ones about but none really drew me in enough to buy them & I wanted something a bit different to all the floral ones that are about cause summer or not, I'm a goth at heart  
So when I saw this at work in the lingerie department, I fell in love with it instantly, and it was a total steal at only £14!

Little cameo from Yoshi in the background. Whenever I take photos in the garden he always wants in. 

Viewpoint | Lightsabre fight | pretending to be Pimpin'

Today me & Rob went for a little picnic up at a local viewpoint & had the misfortune of parking up next to some people having a little in car romp! It was quite inappropriate being that it was in broad daylight and 4 in the afternoon. Nevertheless we enjoyed our picnic, pure shock & childish giggling aside. 

Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us for a little mosey and I came out with a penny skateboard despite not being able to skate. But I'm determined to learn. Something to add to my summer to-do list!



  1. I love your hair and your shorts and the fact that your cat is called Yoshi. Perfect <3

  2. super cute outfit! in the car daylight? i genuinely always thought that was a film cliche haha
    bella x

  3. This look is so cute! I love your hair, btw. :)