Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jacket & top - Forever 21, Shorts - Topshop, Belt - charity shop, shoes - Chockers 

I've wanted a little kimono type jacket for a while and there's plenty of beautiful ones about but none really drew me in enough to buy them & I wanted something a bit different to all the floral ones that are about cause summer or not, I'm a goth at heart  
So when I saw this at work in the lingerie department, I fell in love with it instantly, and it was a total steal at only £14!

Little cameo from Yoshi in the background. Whenever I take photos in the garden he always wants in. 

Viewpoint | Lightsabre fight | pretending to be Pimpin'

Today me & Rob went for a little picnic up at a local viewpoint & had the misfortune of parking up next to some people having a little in car romp! It was quite inappropriate being that it was in broad daylight and 4 in the afternoon. Nevertheless we enjoyed our picnic, pure shock & childish giggling aside. 

Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us for a little mosey and I came out with a penny skateboard despite not being able to skate. But I'm determined to learn. Something to add to my summer to-do list!


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stay Rad

Hat - P&Co, Jumper - Ragged Priest, Jeans - Rokit, Shoes - Vans, Necklace & Earrings - Forever 21, 
graphics in photo - found here

So I've found myself complaining constantly about girls wearing cropped anything in this weather, and here I am being a hypocrite wearing one myself! I got this jumper in the sale at Topshop a few weeks ago and I absolutely adore it. Ragged Priest do some amazing pieces but they're usually a little out of my price range so when I saw this half price I had to get it!  (as well as a couple of other bits)

The jeans I got at Rokit last week. A pair of high waist Levi's (or similar) have been my Holy Grail for the past few months.  Finally they're mine and fit better than I ever could have imagined! They're such a massive staple piece that'll see me through Winter, Spring and even the gloomier days of summer. 

Whilst I have been making new purchases, I am also trying to clear out my closet a bit to make some space! I've listed some bits on ASOS Marketplace and I'll be listing some things on Depop soon! 

It's a cute and fun selling and buying app that's so simple to use. You can follow and like your friends photos and upload or buy things pretty much as easily as you upload and like photos on Instagram. If you haven't downloaded it already, I recommend checking it out!

Follow me: @alien_she! 


Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's been a while! I've not seen a lot of daylight and not had the time to do outfit posts. I have however been selling some stuff on ASOS Marketplace so go check out my listings!

I can't wait for summer! There's been so many lovely summery pieces at work recently, here's a few of my purchases 


Have you made any pre emptive summer purchases?


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hat - H&M, ribbon - craft shop, jumper & socks- Forever 21, skirt - BHS, shoes - Dr Martens

It's been so long since I last posted! Time has escaped me over the past few weeks & I've been so wrapped up in work that I haven't had time for much else. 

This photo is from a while back when it was still warm enough not to wear tights (oh, what a distant memory that now seems). Since then I've been all about knitwear and opaque tights.

I did however manage to make a little time to celebrate it being a year since me & Rob started hanging out.
We intended on going to London Aquarium but the queues were ridiculous what with it being a Sunday and all, so we went to the Science & Natural History museums, China Town, Trocadero & then to Bodeans for dinner (which I can't recommend enough <3).

Dickheads, stocking up on noodles, cute cakes, Science Museum
Natural History Museum & things I should be too old to find hilarious


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Autumn Lust List

Autumn Lust List

Miss Selfridge coat, £86 / Minnetonka Thunderbird Moccasins, £67 / Bamboo earrings, £6 / Wool Bowler, £4
foxtrot pass case, £8 / Schuh Different Class Patent, £14.99

With a change of season comes a change of wardrobe. I'm already mourning the loss of Summer but I've begun preparation by swapping out my blue hair for black & digging out my bountiful collection of knitwear (all 3 suitcases of it).

But obviously being a sucker for new purchases there's quite a few things I wanna add to my a/w collection, so this is a little set of some things that have caught my eye. 


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Coat & scarf - charity shops, dress - New Look, boots - eBay

My beautiful friend Elle gave me these amazing boots yesterday. She bought them last year but due to the sizing being a bit off they were too small for her & whilst going through her things to find some stuff she came across them and thought I might like them, which I do! Such a cutie <3 Yoshi seems to like them too :3


Saturday, 14 September 2013


Schuh Sale

There's some amazing stuff in the sale at Schuh at the moment. Some are still a little out of my price range but definitely ones to keep an eye on incase they get reduced further.
My favourites have to be the patent white creepers with the chain - they remind me of 90s school shoes & the Lazy Oaf Kickers that I just couldn't justify spending £110 on, but now they're less than half price, I might treat myself next pay day!  

There's a lot more from Red or Dead & Dr Martens and lots of Jeffrey Campbell shoes in the sale at Office so go check that out too!